CTY International School Is A Nursery And Primary School Which Was Estalished To Meet The Yearning Of Muslim Elites Who Want A School That Provides Opportunity For Their Young Ones To Memorize Qur’an As Well As Acquire Qualitative Western Education. The School Is An Off – School Of A Monthly Islamic Children Programme Called Catch Then Young Organized By Averroes Educational Institute. The School Started On The 18th Of September Year 2000 With A Student Population Of 32 Spread On The Three Classes Twenty-Five (25) Students Are In Boarding House While 7 Of Them Are Day Students. The Growth Of The School Was Beyond The Projection Of The Founders Alhamdulillah! Allah’s Rammah On The School Was Great As The Pupils Not Only Excelled In Qur’an Memorization But Also Compared Favorably In Conventional Education With Their Peers In Other International Schools. The Crop Of Dedicated Staff Of The School Is A Very Important Factor For This. This Probably Accounted For The Pressure On The School. We Pray For Allah’s Continuing Rammah On The School.