Governing Board CTY Group of Schools Board Members GOVERNING BOARD:-
The board is constituted by seasoned professionals from various fields of human endeavor.

The board is chaired by Alhaji M. O. A. Mustafa a fellow of the institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) a Ph.D holder, a lecturer at the University of Abuja and lover of education & children.

Other members include the following:
Names Qualification Profession
Alh. Abdur-Rasheed A. Sanni HND Industrialist
Alh. Bashir Olanrewaju B.A., M.A., Ph.D Public Admin.
Alh. Misbaudeen. O. Alabi HND, PGDFM, MBA,FCNA Public Servant
Alh. Abideen Olaiya B. Sc. Msc, Ph.D Lecturer
Alh. Murtadha Ajeleye B.A., M.A. Banker
Alh. Abdur-Rafee Adesola B. Pharm, MBA Pharmacist
Alh. Abdul-Majeed Imran B.A., M.A. Educationist
Alh. M. Bayo Hammed B. Ed., M. Ed. Educationist
Alh Yinka Lawal ACIM, ACIB, MBA Banker