C.T.Y  MODEL COLLEGE (DAY), IBADAN



16TH RABIU THANNI, 1441A.H. ( 13TH DECEMBER, 2019)


All praises are due to Allah, the Lord of Majesty. May the peace and blessing of Allah continue to be upon the noble prophet, Muhammad,  his household, companions and the entire Muslims globally till the day of reckoning. Amin.

We express our gratitude to Allah for His countless blessings and favours on the school. Equally, we appreciate our esteemed parents, both old and new, for the confidence reposed in us. By Allah’s grace, we will not relent in our efforts towards meeting your expectations in all respects. Kindly take note of the following messages:

NEW PTA EXECUTIVES: At  the last PTA meeting, a new executive committee was inaugurated under the able chairmanship of Alhaji Adelopo Abdul Azeez. We pray that Allah ease the task for all the executive members. Amin. 

HOLIDAY PROGRAMME: Towards heightening the preparedness of SS three students for the coming West African School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), the candidates are to go on a two- week break. In other words, the students are expected to be back in school for one week extension class on Monday 30th December, 2019. The compulsory exercise begins by 8: a.m. at the Primary school  Please note that boarding arrangement is optional for day students. May Allah ease it  Amin.

EXCURSION: The annual excursion of the school is planned to come up insha Allah on Thursday, 5th March, 2020. Excursion fee is #5000. Detailed information regarding the places to be visited and other logistics shall be communicated to you in due course. However, it is worth being mentioned that the exercise is meant for JS 1- SS 2 students only.

TEXTBOOKS: Some parents have not done enough as regards procuring the necessary textbooks for their children. We therefore admonish such parents to endeavour to do the   needful before resumption.  May Allah widen our source of livelihood. Amin.

ADMISSION: Admissions into JS1, JS2, and SS1 are still in progress at the Day College. Admission forms are obtainable at the primary school at the cost of five thousand naira (₦5,000) only.

STUDENTS’APPEARANCE: Students are enjoined to always appear neatly and decently dressed in the approved wears. Violators are liable to punishment.  

SCHOOL FEES DEFAULTERS: Please pay all outstanding bills, if any, in addition to the payment of at least 50% of  the new term bill. This shall be the criteria for assessing students who will be allowed into the school or otherwise. Kindly pay into the following bank accounts of the school: Account Name is   Halal CTY International School                                   

I. STANBIC IBTC: 9202242125    II. POLARIS BANK:  4090700397    III. JAIZ BANK:  0004188582

HOLIDAY CAMP: Our esteemed parents are urged to enrol their children in Islamic camping programmes and other religious holiday camping in order to protect them against the temptations and social ills which are common at this yuletide period. May Allah increase the level of our eeman.  Amin.

ADMONITION: “O you who believe! Obey Allah and obey the Messenger, (Muhammad SAW), and render not vain your deeds. Verily, those who disbelieve and hinder (men) from the path of Allah (i.e. Islam) then die while they are disbelievers, Allah will not forgive them. (Qur’an 47, verses 33-34

 CONCLUSION: The school resumes for second term on Monday, 6th January, 2020.May Allah ease our affairs for us. Amin



The Principal.