2019 Newsletter

DAYS/DATES                                                          EVENTS/ACTIVITIES

MARCH, 2019

Monday 4th  Tuesday 5th March, 2019 Second C.A.
Friday 8th & Monday 11th March,2019  Gubernatorial election break
Monday 11th  Wed., 13th March, 2019 Revision/ Second C.A 
Thursday 14th  Friday 27th March, 2019 Second term examination
Sunday 17th March, 2019 Open Day/PTA Meeting
Thursday 28th March, 2019 Excursion

APRIL, 2019

Thursday, 4th April, 2019 Musabaqah
Friday 5th April, 2019 School closes for second term
Monday 8th  Friday 26th April, 2019 Three (3) weeks holiday 
Monday 15th  Friday 26th April, 2019 Extension classes
Sunday 28th April, 2019 Returning of boarding students
Monday 29th April, 2019 Resumption for third term

Signed: Principal

CC: Management, Staff, Parents and Notice Board